Demonstration Portal

Idigidocs hosts a cloud-based demonstration portal where examples of our digital documentation can be viewed. This operates from a generic template, which can be developed to offer a fully bespoke portal, dependent on your requirements.

Your Portal

Documents can be provided standalone and reside on a local file server. Whilst this may be adequate for some situations, a portal can offer a complete solution for the control of documentation. This can either be hosted by Idigidocs under a service level agreement, or local to the business. This allows access for viewing and sharing documentation anywhere.

Whilst your project develops, it can be reviewed continually.
This process saves time in the transferring of files and uploading of completed work to your designated server (for browser based documentation).

This area can be protected by several levels of security, for example: access by username and password, two-factor authentication, or captcha. The digital output is also encrypted, which means that it is secure and safeguards intellectual property.