Coronavirus (COVID-19)


It is vital that we all follow the guidelines being given by the UK government to ensure we can stop the spread of this virus.

At Idigidocs we are in a fortunate position where we can offer our expertise to aid the production of the much needed ventilators.  It is vitally important that businesses look at their skills and where possible diversify and come together to assist the production.

As a result, we have identified that the 3D interactive procedures we produce could be significantly beneficial in the production of ventilators. Never has there been a need for manufacturers from various sectors to rapidly learn the build process for a new product. The request from UK government to manufacturers from various industries to change their production lines to enable the production of ventilators has put huge demands on workforce to learn completely new processes. The 3D interactive build procedures we produce provide a fully interactive visual know-how, meaning that there is little or no requirement for any training on how to build equipment. This solution would enable those manufacturers to reach full production without delay.

If you feel your business can aid the production of ventilators, it is vital that you register your interest via the following link, we have...................

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